Leather Furniture Cleaning

Furniture made of leather can have some advantages over upholstered pieces. Because leather is very dense dust, hair from pets or smoke doesn’t easily adhere to it. Leather is very durable so it can keep its appearance for a long time even when under heavy use. But leather must be regularly cared for and maintained.

If a leather piece is positioned in front of a window, it can dry out and crack. Arm rests on a chair can become discolored from the normal oils secreted from hands. Dirt and dust can become ground into the leather during regular use causing its original color to become dull. With proper cleaning spots, ground-in dirt and dust can be removed. At the same time the protective coating that your piece arrived with can be restored.

Because people think they can maintain their leather furniture by using a damp or wet sponge it can only help so much and could even cause staining. This method will never be able to remove deeply embedded soil and certainly cannot restore the original finish. Many leather cleaning products sold by retailers actually contain damaging chemicals which can dry out the leather and lead to cracks. Certain wax-type so-called conditioners can temporarily soften the leather, but over time will cause it to harden and glaze up.

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