Ceramic Tile Cleaning

For most ceramic tile and natural stone owners, the mop used with a mild detergent is the standard cleaning method. While it appears to work fine, over time the tile darkens as household contaminants begin to build up on the surface. The grout lines also darken as they absorb the cleaning agents and dirt.

Our trained technicians will restore the beauty of your ceramic tile, natural stone and grout in a safe manner using environmentally safe products. We will power wash the ceramic tile, or natural stone with specialized equipment hot safe cleaning solutions and a hot water rinse extraction.

Grout Sealing

After the ceramic tile and grout are cleaned, we apply a deep penetrating, heavy-duty grout sealer. This provides a strong, natural look protection that is formulated with advanced water-based flourochemicals to protect against tough oil and water-based stains. Your grout will be easier to clean and stay clean longer.